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SEPTUM Nose Ring Captive Bead Navel Belly Ring Hoop VARIETY 14 gauge - Sterling Silver w/ Scroll Cut-Outs 14g 14 ga or Navel Ring Belly Hoop

  • $ 9194

This is one of our favorites! Unique and absolutely gorgeous! We polish the silver until it almost shines like a mirror!

Our beautiful shiny handmade Sterling Silver Captive Bead Navel Belly Ring / Septum hoop is unique and comfortable and made from 14 gauge sterling silver. This navel ring features a beautiful hollow captive bead with scroll cut-outs - making it weigh less. This navel Belly / Septum Ring can be ordered in different diameter sizes - if the diameter you would like is not listed above, please request this before purchasing, to make sure the price will remain the same. Our 1/2" inside diameter Sterling Silver Navel Ring is shown in the photos above. This ring can be used in any piercing where the diameter of the ring and gauge of your piercing is appropriate, including earlobes, nose, cartilage, tragus, helix, lip, septum, etc.

NEED A DIFFERENT GAUGE / METAL / HOOP DIAMETER? Please let us know! We can custom make:

Gauge: 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30
- 14k Yellow Gold Filled
- 14k Rose Gold Filled
- 14k White Gold Filled (also available in 19 & 21 ga)
- Sterling Silver
- Fine Silver .999
- 14k, 22k, 24k Solid Yellow Gold
- 14k Solid Rose Gold
- 14k Solid White Gold
- 14k Solid Palladium White Gold
- Platinum
- 22k Solid Yellow Gold
- 24k Solid Yellow Gold

...and more!

Please note that Captive Bead Rings the bead is not attached to the ring and is removable - which is where the captive bead ring gets it's name. The bead is held captive between the two ends of the hoop. Sometimes the bead is very tight, and sometimes it is left a little bit looser because of the size of the bead and the stiffness of the hoop - for ease of removing the bead because there is no risk of it falling out like that.

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