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Hoop / Ring - 30 gauge - Variety - 14k, 18k, 22k, 24k Gold (Y, G, or R), Platinum, Palladium, or Silver

  • $ 5474

Our beautiful shiny handmade Nose Ring is available in 14k yellow gold filled gf, 14k yellow or white gold or Sterling Silver or .999 Fine Silver. This nose ring is comfortable, lightweight, and made from 30 gauge gold, gold filled, or silver and can be ordered in different sizes - ranging from approximately 6mm to 9mm in diameter across (please message us before purchasing if you'd like it larger). Most people request 8mm. Our 28 gauge Yellow Gold color is shown in the photos above. Most people request 8mm. Our Yellow Gold color is shown in the photos above.

This ring can be used in any piercing where the diameter is appropriate, including earlobes, nose, cartilage, tragus, helix, lip, septum, eyebrow, etc.

Please note that 30 gauge is very thin, and tends to be quite delicate. It is the thinnest nose ring we sell, and even though it is forged to add strength, it is advised to treat it with care.

Looking for something a bit THICKER? Check out our other listings for our 28 GAUGE!


We offer the following types of precious metal:

- 14k Solid Yellow Gold
- 14k Solid White Gold

- 14k Yellow Gold Filled

- Fine Silver .999

- Sterling Silver

While we do harden the ring to make it more durable, 30 gauge gold is very thin so care must be taken not to snag it on anything, as it is more delicate than a thicker gauge ring. This is especially true with our 24k version.

NEED A DIFFERENT GAUGE / METAL / HOOP DIAMETER? Please let us know! We can custom make:

Gauge: 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30
- 14k Yellow Gold Filled
- 14k Rose Gold Filled
- 14k White Gold Filled (also available in 19 & 21 ga)
- Sterling Silver
- Fine Silver .999
- 14k, 22k, 24k Solid Yellow Gold
- 14k Solid Rose Gold
- 14k Solid White Gold
- 14k Solid Palladium White Gold
- Platinum
- 22k Solid Yellow Gold
- 24k Solid Yellow Gold


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