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Nose Ring Diamond Cut Sparkly / Cartilage - Gold or Silver - 24 gauge Nose Hoop -VARIETY of Sizes - Earring Helix Tragus Septum Eyebrow Lip Conch

$ 61.94

Please message us if you need help choosing a gauge or inside diameter!

 As a general rule, the thicker the gauge, the more noticeable the sparkle.


WE LOVE THESE!!! This ring is made with a multistage, unique technique, resulting in tiny divots which catch and reflect the light beautifully, mimicking a type of diamond cut effect. When in the light, this nose ring reflects the light on these countless small divots, giving the nose ring a sparkle when in bright light or in the sun. Basically, this ring is great for someone who wants a little bit of sparkle on their nose or ear...and who doesn't? :) 

This can be used in any gauge-appropriate piercing, including the nose, helix, tragus, cartilage, lip, antitragus, monroe, ear lobe, conch, etc. 

If you like a lot of sparkle but yet still a very thin hoop, it's recommended to go up a gauge in thickness to a 22 gauge. 22 gauge is a little thicker than 24 gauge so it has a little more sparkle.

1 (one) Nose Ring /Cuff -TINY Small Diamond style cut 14K SOLID Yellow Gold Hoop Earrings Pierced or Non Pierced, Cartilage, or helix. Beautiful shiny & sparkly diamond-style cut 14k solid yellow gold hoop. Comfortable and lightweight. 24 gauge 14k Solid Yellow Gold (our approximately 8mm in diameter across version is shown in the photos). "Diamond Cut" type of distressing accomplishes a beautiful sparkle in the light and does not actually contain any diamonds. Please let us know if you need a different diameter hoop than the ones listed. We can make this hoop smaller or larger upon request, however extra fees may apply if you'd like it larger than the sizes listed. Your order will include one (1) ring. Our beautiful shiny handmade Diamond Cut Nose Ring can also be used as a cuff (please request this during checkout in the buyer's notes section).

Our beautiful shiny handmade Diamond Cut Nose Ring can also be used as a cuff (please request this during checkout in the buyer's notes section) and is available in 14k solid gold or sterling silver. Choose between many different colors of gold: Yellow, White, and Pink Rose Gold. This nose ring is comfortable, lightweight, and made from 24 gauge (see below for specific varieties of colors) gold, or silver and can be ordered in different sizes - ranging from approximately 6mm to 10mm in diameter across (other sizes are available upon request). Most people request 8mm. Our Yellow Gold color is shown in the photos above. Please let us know if you need another gauge other than those listed - we will be happy to put up a separate listing for you.


NEED A DIFFERENT GAUGE / METAL / HOOP DIAMETER? Please let us know! We can custom make:

Gauge: 14, 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30
Yellow Gold Filled
Rose Gold Filled
White Gold Filled
Sterling Silver
Fine Silver
Solid Yellow Gold
Solid Rose Gold
Solid White Gold
Solid Palladium White Gold

A note about size:

It is strongly encouraged to use the measurements given in the description and hold a ruler to yourself to see how large the item will look on you in real life. Please do not reply on photos to judge the size of the jewelry because everything looks larger online when photos are taken close-up, and everyone's body is different. Despite best efforts, photos may not always be to scale because of this.

Your happiness with the product is the goal, so please send a message with any questions you have about sizing, or anything else, before purchasing. Please also make sure to read the description and store policies as well before purchasing.

There are thousands of styles available that are not yet listed online, and custom orders are welcome. Please send us an email below to inquire about either. Thanks!

Many items can be customized or even engraved to achieve the exact look you want! Click the blue icon at the bottom right of your screen to get in touch and make this design exactly what you'd like!

Our 14k solid gold, sterling silver and platinum jewelry is made with premium quality precious metals and is made to last. Many customers ask if they can wear their items in the shower, pool, etc. and the answer is yes for any solid gold or platinum items. Just keep in mind that soap, lotions and makeup can accumulate under stones, so you may want to clean your jewelry more often to keep those stones sparkling like new! Sterling silver can react with those same products, so caution is advised with silver, as it can cause premature tarnishing.

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