Top 3 Fine Jewelry Trends For Summer, 2022

Summer is the perfect time to show off some new jewelry and among all the popular styles out right now, three trends are seen the most.

The Moi et toi ring trend is still going strong and is quickly becoming a popular choice for summer jewelry. This unique style features two stones set side by side, representing togetherness. Ever since MGK gave Megan Fox a beautiful 2-stone ring featuring an emerald and diamond, Moi et toi rings have not only seen a surge in popularity, but necklaces and bracelets are also gaining popularity, as people look to wear new iterations of the popular style.

Another trend this summer is personalized jewelry. Name necklaces, bracelets, and rings with special dates or initials are all the rage. You can even have custom jewelry made with your favorite number or your child's birthdate. Jewelry with wedding dates, children's birthdates, and you and your partners initials are also popular.

Lastly, chunky chains are back in style. Whether you choose a curb/cuban chain, herringbone chain or a paperclip chain, make sure it's at least 3mm thick to follow this trend. Mix and match with other necklaces or wear it on its own for a bold statement. 

We have thousands of styles not listed on the website and custom make items as well. Contact us with your request and we can begin working with you on your own custom piece of jewelry. 


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